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Crafting Tradition in Modernity: Our Journey with Keel Tavern

Recently, our excitement reached new heights as we were honoured to be featured in Premier Hospitality magazine, showcasing our collaboration with Pulp Studios on Keel Tavern. This recognition further underscores the significance of our involvement in this transformative project.

In the heart of Sunderland's vibrant Keel Square, a new landmark has emerged beneath the shadow of the newly erected Holiday Inn Hotel: Keel Tavern, a contemporary haven celebrating the essence of traditional pub culture. As the team at Armitage and Wilson Furniture, we're thrilled to have played a pivotal role in bringing this vision to life.

Working hand in hand with the innovative minds at Pulp Studios, we embarked on a journey to infuse Keel Tavern with warmth, comfort, and elegance. Our expertise in bespoke furniture creation enabled us to meticulously craft every banquette, ensuring that each piece exuded both style and functionality.

From the initial conceptualisation to the final installation, we spared no effort in perfecting every detail. Whether it was agreeing upon diagonal stitch details or fine-tuning proportions, our team was dedicated to delivering excellence at every step of the process.

We're immensely proud of the recognition bestowed upon us, including the Manufacturing Start-up Award at the Insider Made in the North East Awards 2024. This honour is a testament to our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and innovation in the realm of upholstery.

Guided by our visionary leadership and fuelled by our passion for quality, we've rapidly ascended in the industry, earning acclaim from clients and industry experts alike. Our nomination for the prestigious Made in the UK Awards 2024 is a testament to our dedication to excellence on a national scale.

Together with Pulp Studios, we've breathed life into Keel Tavern, infusing the modern space with timeless charm and sophistication. Gerard McElvenny of Pulp Studios aptly describes it as "a traditional pub with a very modern twist," a sentiment we wholeheartedly echo.

As patrons gather beneath the warm glow of bespoke lighting, they're greeted by the centrepiece of Keel Tavern: a magnificent handcrafted copper Bavarian Font, a symbol of our dedication to exceptional craftsmanship. Yet, beyond the brews, Keel Tavern offers a diverse array of libations, ensuring there's something for every palate.

In the heart of Sunderland's regenerated landscape, Keel Tavern stands as a beacon of tradition amidst a rapidly evolving world. And at the core of this modern marvel lies the craftsmanship of Armitage and Wilson Furniture, embodying excellence in every stitch and seam. We're honoured to have been a part of this journey, and we look forward to many more collaborations that redefine the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

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