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Cheers to Excellence: Nominated for Made in the North East Manufacturing Start-Up Award

We're buzzing to announce that Armitage and Wilson Furniture, the folks behind bespoke furniture and fixed banquette seating, has made the shortlist for the Made in the North East Manufacturing Start-Up Award!

This nod means the world to us and speaks volumes about our commitment to top-notch craftsmanship and fresh design.

Since we kicked off in 2020, Armitage and Wilson has been all about delivering kick-ass furniture that's tailor-made for our awesome clients. Whether it's plush banquettes or custom pieces, everything that rolls out of our workshop in Newton Aycliffe Business Park is a testament to our dedication to excellence.

Our top dog, Gavin Wilson, couldn't be prouder. He said, "Being in the running for the Made in the North East Manufacturing Start-Up Award is massive for Armitage and Wilson. It's a pat on the back for our hard-working team and a sign that we're on the right track with our top-quality, custom furniture. We're chuffed to bits about how far we've come and can't wait to see what's next."

We're gearing up for the big night at the Hilton in Gateshead on March 14th. It's gonna be a cracking celebration of innovation, excellence, and success in the North East manufacturing scene. We're looking forward to rubbing shoulders with fellow movers and shakers, showing off what we've achieved, and raising a glass to the booming manufacturing sector in our neck of the woods.

As we get ready to strut our stuff at the awards bash, we're taking a moment to reflect on the journey that's brought us here. From small beginnings to making a name for ourselves in the bespoke furniture game, Armitage and Wilson Furniture has always stayed true to our core values of quality, craftsmanship, and keeping our customers grinning from ear to ear.

Win or lose, getting a shoutout for this fancy award is a win in our books. It's a high-five to Armitage and Wilson and a reminder to keep pushing the boundaries of awesomeness and doing what we do best.

Big shoutout to our clients, partners, and the whole A&W crew for having our backs and making all this magic happen. Together, we've achieved some epic stuff, and we're amped up for all the adventures still to come.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates from the Made in the North East Awards bash as we toast to the triumphs of our industry and the bright future of manufacturing in the North East!


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